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Is F-Commerce a Viable Option for Your Small Business?

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Since 2009, a new wave of marketing has latched itself to the rise of social media. Small businesses have reaped great profits by utilizing the services of Facebook to help promote and sell products, a phenomenon that Facebook itself did not foresee. While some businesses sell solely through their Facebook storefront, others use it as part of their visual marketing efforts by directing traffic to their company websites and stores. However it functions, F-commerce is worthy of consideration for any small business.

What is F-Commerce?

F-commerce is the act of using Facebook to promote your product. The application creates advertisements that are then posted on potential customers’ pages. The site generates more attention for your business and attracts more traffic to your company’s website. Or it can offer another sales option to a wider audience through a Facebook storefront.

What Are the Benefits of F-Commerce?

Facebook allows you to reach out to a wider audience in a way traditional forms of marketing have not been able to do. Facebook allows you to target customers from specific locations and interests that align with your product, and offers this service at a lower cost than more traditional forms of advertising. By following these steps, you can enhance your chances of success with F-Commerce:

Be Culturally Chic

Simply, your marketing ploys will only work if your customers are frequent users of Facebook. Your company will now have to become a Facebook user too. Regular status updates and an active profile engages with the Facebook community allowing you to show your company’s personality. You will also build a stronger relationship with your clients. And because you are setting up a Facebook storefront, it is crucial that you present your product using all the bells and whistles Facebook provides.

Small businesses can open a Facebook storefront with ease. All that you have to do is create a page in the company’s name, load some product photos and add the proper shopping functions. Install some applications that enable customers to do things like order or buy your products, read menus or enter contests and you are well on your way to generating sales. Setting up applications such as posting, pinning and tagging not only helps to advertise your product across shared social networking sites, it also develops further trust in the online transactions with your company.

Be Patient

Begin with realistic expectations. Your recent competition or newly posted images may have generated hundreds of Likes on your page but it may not increase sales. It takes time to build familiarity and trust with customers.

Be Brave

Ultimately, a well-planned Facebook storefront that provides a positive and interactive experience for customers is a great way for small businesses to promote their product. Having a loyal customer base that is willing to promote your product legitimizes the business, elevating it from the dangers of becoming Facebook spam. F-commerce is an untapped resource that has the potential for great success for any small business willing to take the risk.

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