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Sell More with These Psychological Tricks

selling tips

If you’ve been constantly focusing on the pricing of your items, it may be time for a change.

If you’re looking to increase your profits, you may have to delve a bit deeper into the psychology behind selling your products. These psychological selling tricks are not well known, but implementing them into your business may mean bigger profits down the road.

Sales Is About More than Just Numbers

It’s important to control the environment that you create for your customers. Your customers’ subconscious minds may control their buying decisions based on music that they hear or a scent that they smell within your store. Create a pleasant environment for your customers to shop in and you will see a dramatic increase in your sales. Don’t overbear your customers with a scent that’s too strong or music that’s too loud; subtle scents and quiet, relaxing music are best.

Simplicity Is Best

A flowery, over-designed sign on the front of your store will deter customers from coming in. While your sign may look pretty, your customers’ subconscious minds may tell them that making a purchase in your store will be a tedious task.

Most customers prefer to make a purchase and leave as quickly as possible. A simple sign with an easy-to-read font says that your store offers efficient service.

Free Stuff

Providing items for free is a powerful selling tool. These items should be inexpensive for you to produce or acquire, yet useful to your customers. Such items as pens, small books, food and samples are great items that can be given away for free.

Your customers will appreciate the free items and they will feel obliged to buy something in return.

Listen to your Customers

Listening to your customers and responding to complaints can produce positive results.

If a customer lodges a complaint about your store, it’s always best to respond in a positive way. Attempt to resolve the problem by offering a variety of resolutions to the customer and let them decide which one is best.

While the customer may not always be right, attempting to resolve all complaints in a positive way shows that your establishment values customer service and they will return to buy something in the future. This is a great way to create a large base of repeat customers.


Creating a sense of urgency in your store will create a sense of urgency for your customers.

Choose a product that has been popular among your customers in earlier years. Advertise your chosen product as “available for a limited time only,” or “limited supply available.” Because the product has been popular before, your customers will flock to your store to make a purchase before the proposed deadline.

During these types of sales, try to up-sell other products that relate to the item you now have for sale. Your customers’ subconscious minds will be in the “buying” mode during your urgency sale; it’s best to take advantage of it.

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