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What Men Want: Marketing to the Male Consumer

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Next year will be the year of the mansumer. Driven by the Great Recession, the male consumer is quickly becoming the dominant spender in domestic households. According to a report by BPN, the male consumer currently tops his female counterpart in buying power. This trend is expected to continue.

Evolution of the Male Consumer

Due to the job losses and layoffs of the past few years, men without work began taking on more domestic responsibilities. In fact, BPN reports that 40% of men currently do the grocery shopping for their families. Shopping for household items is one of many domestic roles that the modern men have embraced.

In addition, more men are using beauty products than at any period in history. Men buy scented shower gels, body sprays and brand name hair conditioners. Beauty products that have been marketed solely to women are now purchased regularly by both sexes.

How can you cater to the male customer?

How Men Shop

Men shop differently than women. They tend to be more practical and less emotional. Men typically go into a store knowing what they want and make a beeline to get it. When shopping, men generally focus on convenience and acquiring information. They want complete knowledge of what they are buying. They want to learn this information from your website and customer service representatives. If you have a retail store, make sure there are plenty of sales representatives on the floor. Representatives should have thorough knowledge of your products and services. Update your website to include detailed specs and product information.

Advertising to Male Consumers

Have you noticed that commercials have begun featuring men in domestic roles? Men are cooking dinner, wearing the baby carrier and doing the dishes. What can you do to target your advertising towards the male consumer in 2013? If you sell domestic products, your advertising should show men using the products confidently. Men want to be encouraged in their new domestic roles. If you sell health and beauty items, your advertising should show masculine men enjoying the products.

It is important to create ads focused on the male consumer, but make sure not to alienate your female clientele. Females still have a lot of buying power. Even if the male makes the purchase, the woman of the house was probably considered. Some business owners are creating ads for both male and female consumers. You might consider doing the same.

Marketing Strategies for the Male Consumer

Men want product information that is simple and easy to understand. Review your marketing materials to make sure they fit these criteria. Be sure to include company information on all of your marketing pieces and website. Websites should include product availability so consumers can get directly to the product they want to buy.

Male consumers want to understand what they are buying. Add product reviews and product comparisons to your website to make it more attractive to men.

It’s important to avoid stereotypes when marketing to me. The male consumer is turned off when portrayed as a bumbling father. The same “smart mom” images put out for mothers should be used to market to the “smart dad” crowd. They want to be perceived as smart, capable and confident in all roles, even those traditionally taken on by women.

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